Our Services

We formulate strategic plans, marketing and other management services to help facilitate the smooth running of your society, as well as achieving  specific goals, such as membership growth and improving communication channels with members so that members and stakeholders are supporters.


back office & financial services

Many organisations do not have the resources to manage the multitude of compliance and financial tasks demanded of them.

Our clients depend on us for their financial governance and administration, including invoicing, management, monthly and year-end accounts.

This not only leaves them free to focus on members’ needs but gives them confidence that they can deliver on accountability and transparency, and make judgements based on reliable and timely evidence.

meetings & events

Well-organised meetings and events are often a significant factor in the success of an organisation and they commonly underpin the annual budget.

By providing a keynote conference speaker or a must-attend networking event, organisations can deliver significant benefits and value for their members, supporters or clients. Through close collaboration and a thorough understanding of your objectives, we can help you plan and manage events that meet expectations.

We also offer an all-in-one mobile app Attendo Plus, that enhances your event experiences and increases the level of engagement of your attendees.

Our clients have trusted our knowledge and experience to bring their thoughts to fruition.

membership management & engagement

Many organisations rely on membership subscriptions to fund activities. Members are becoming harder to attract and retain.

By helping you better understand your members and their needs, we can help you maintain, sustain and grow your membership. We can help you develop a rapport with your members to foster a culture of participation.

We will support your existing strategies and help create and develop innovative membership plans for the future.

marketing & promotion

Through our specialist in-house professionals we are able to offer a full marketing, design and web back-end management service.

We can plan, develop and implement highly effective campaigns which ensure your organisation meets its objectives ensuring your website and other campaigns remain contemporary and relevant.

We manage and optimise websites, banners and create regular e-newsletters for members and prospective members.

We also assist organisations in setting up and managing their social media channels through content strategy, website creation, implementation and reporting.