Management Professionals

We provide administrative, research and marketing services for healthcare, not-for-profit and professional organisations.

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We have extensive experience in delivering a range of services including in healthcare and realated associations; membership management and engagement, administration, finance back office, event meeting, management and marketing services.

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Optimised Outcomes

We work collaboratively with you to establish, prioritise, execute, manage and advance your organisation’s mission - it’s how we work to get the best.

Your organisation and challenge is not just about what you do, it is about HOW you do it and how WELL.

It’s the way we take the time to get to understand you and your issues. It’s the way we question, approach and help shape your the solutions that will make an impact to you and your organisation.


Why Drajon?

We help you and your organisation drive growth, innovation and leadership. We also can provide all facets of your organisation’s management.

We are results-driven individuals that understands how projects and associations work and more importantly, how to work within an organisation to achieve our clients’ objectives.

We believe strongly in a comprehensive team approach.


We formulate strategic plans, marketing and other management services to help facilitate the smooth running of your organisation or project, as well as achieving  specific goals, such as membership growth and improving communication channels with members so that members and stakeholders are supporters.


back office & financial services

Many organisations do not have the resources to manage the multitude of compliance and financial tasks demanded of them.

More about Back Office & Financial Services

meetings & events

Well-organised meetings and events are often a significant factor in the success of an organisation and they commonly underpin the annual budget.

membership management & engagement

Let us help you better understand your members and their needs, to maintain, sustain and grow your membership.

More about Membership Management Services

marketing & promotion

We can plan, develop and implement highly effective campaigns which ensure your organisation meets its objectives ensuring your website and other campaigns remain contemporary and relevant.




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