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The core function of a Board or leadership group outside of strategy and management of risk is to ensure that the finances are properly managed and stewarded. Go beyond merely paying your bills and but properly forecasting and managing member finances. Strategise and focus on ensuring your organisation remains viable for the long term. Leave a legacy - it’s why you signed up!


membership management

Your membership is why you exist, they represent those who share your organisation’s vision and values and needs to be nurtured, sustained and engaged. Many organisations take on a passive approach to management but this can be a mistake.

website management

A website is quite often the sole window into your organisation. The way it is branded and operates determines the perceptions of your organisation. In an increasingly digital world with attention poor individuals a website is a key driver of your organisation’s overall effectiveness.

financial management

It is important to ensure that your organisation’s finances are properly managed and stewarded. There are increasing requirements and obligations to satisfy alongside personal liability for getting this wrong. We work alongside your designated office bearers and ensure that risks are covered.